An amazing teaching experience at RIS

by Qi Huang

Hi! I am Qi Huang (Amanda) from China. I intended to give myself a meaningful and unique summer holiday, so I applied to AIESEC and came here to teach the children at RIS and spent 5 wonderful weeks with them. Indeed, this teaching experience amazed me and absolutely made my summer holiday unforgettable.

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A story of one of my students who I missed…

by Mio Saito

Konnichiwa (Hello in Japanese)!!!
I am Mio from Japan. I was at Rachna International School (RIS) as a volunteer from June to July 2016. As many of us have written in this blog, you already see what we have experienced and learned through volunteering at RIS…
So I would like to tell you about one of my students who missed…
What was the reason for that, and what did I learn from that….


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A life-changing experience that you must absolutely live before you turn 30 !

by Amandine Richel

Hey you !

If you fell on this page, it’s not a coincidence. You may look for something … you may even have all what you need in your life… but still there is something missing.

Like the majority of young people today, you need to find a challenge, a purpose, an adventure… ! You want to discover new things and this is all your right and the right time to do it, before you turn 30.

And good news ! You can live an amazing experience that will definitely change your life in better in only 6 weeks !
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Amazing experience!

by Sara Vázquez Pérez

I am Sara from Spain. I am going to tell about my story for coming to Rachna School.
I was working in Australia as a nanny, taking care of worderful kids.
Before I had beed working in Ireland like Aupair, and it was an amazing experience.
I realized that I like taking care of children and teach them.

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Rachna International School (RIS) – One big family

By Fiona

Why did i choose Cambodia for volunteering?

Well actually at first, my intention was to volunteer in Thailand but after having an interview with a Cambodian Aiesec-er, I changed my mind. The Aiesec-er told me that Cambodia is full of amazing wonders with friendly people everywhere, I guessed it would be a life changing experience for me to spend one-and-a-half month summertime here.

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